In 1997, the launch of the Air Foamposite One then rewrite the history of shoes. With excellent durability integrated design, which quickly won the basketball fans and even more extensive people of all ages. Today, classic quality as before Air Foamposite One, composed of European Pietrek equipped with yellow and black traditional color design back again. image.jpg (101.11 KB, download number: 3) download Nike Air Foamposite One yellow spray sale reminder 2016-6-21 22:34 upload image (1).Jpg (126.37 KB, download number: 6) download Nike Air Foamposite One yellow spray sale reminder 2016-6-21 22:34 upload image (6).Jpg (220.93 KB, download number: 5) download Nike Air Foamposite One yellow spray sale reminder 2016-6-21 22:34 upload image (3).Jpg (116.62 KB, download number: 5) do Cheap air jordans for sale wnload Nike Air Foamposite One yellow spray sale reminder 2016-6-21 22:34 upload image (2).Jpg (103.85 KB, download number: 9) download Nike Air Foamposite One yellow spray sale reminder 2016-6-21 22:34 upload image (5).Jpg (155.03 KB, download number: 5) download Nike Air Foamposite One yellow spray sale reminder 2016-6-21 22:34 upload Nike 00As early as last year we mentioned HTC will expand cross-border cooperation in the United States and well-known sports brand Under Armour, HTC will design a series of products and applications, sports community UA Record jointly launched with the Under Armour, to help the athletes to develop their potential. Recently, the first wearable smart Bracelet HTC Grip officially launched. As a smart bracelet for athletes and sports enthusiasts to create Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping HTC, Grip also supports Android and iOS two operating system, the training process of PMOLED surface waterproof screen 1.8 inches and can easily keep track of user, and in the mobile phone connection can also directly view calls, text messages and notifications. In addition, HTC Grip is equipped with a 100mAh battery usage, opened in the GPS satellite positioning state, can be used continuously for 5 hours. htc-teams-up-with-under-armour-for-a-fitness-wearable-11.jpg (117.76 KB, download number: 1) download HTC teamed up with Under Armour to create wearable smart Bracelet 2015-3-2 10:34 uploadFollowing the earlier release of the Weave GORE-TEX series, Adidas Originals and ZX 8000 before the classic added a Core Black color. The design of extended ZX 8000 classic contour, and uses grey nylon me cheap jordan shoes for men sh material of shoe body, with red details a little embellishment, finally with light and comfortable running shoe show. At present, the shoes have been purchased by Overkill, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. adidas-origianls-zx8000-core-black-1.jpg (129.58 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals ZX 8000 Core Black 2014-11-28 09:30 Adidas Black upload, 00Pharrell Adidas Originals NMD design and exclusive Human Race is a pair of hard to find, but recently the famous American shoemaker Stadium Goods combined with Ebay gave us a chance to have this. This is a double auction on the shelf US 9 Pharrell Williams x adidas code Originals NMD Human Race, Qipai price as high as $$5000, the money raised will be donated to the American civil liberties union. stadium-goods-p Retro jordans for sale harrell-adidas-nmd-auction-aclu-1.jpg (243.3 KB, download number: 19) download Pharrell Williams x adidas NMD Human Race opened a charity auction 2017-5-13 11:15 upload stadium-goods-pharrell-adidas-nmd-auction-aclu-4.jpg (243.19 KB, download number: 16) download Pharrell Williams x adidas NMD Human Race opened a charity auction 2017-5-13 11:15 upload stadium-goods-pharrell-adidas-nmd-auction-aclu.jpg (214.66 KB, download number: 16) download Pharrell Williams x adidas NMD Human Race opened a charity auction 2017-5-13 11:15 upload stadium-goods-pharrell-adidas-nmd-auction-aclu-2.jpg (220.65 KB, download number: 14) download Pharrell Williams x adidas NMD Human Race opened a charity auction 2017-5-13 11:15 upload stadium-goods-pharrell-adidas-nmd-auction-aclu-3.jpg0& nbsp; & nbsp; Retro jordans for sale & nbsp; Adidas favorite saying is "impossible is nothing", but this can not really happen to them - adidas, 1948 inception, has gone through a full 58 years of wind and rain Road, Nike , born in 1972, just 34 years history of struggle, but firmly secured the top spot in the world; Adidas has always been inextricably linked with football, sponsors many top soccer league, but in 2004, in the European football market Nike first with 35% of the share exceeds the Adidas 31% ...... Adidas felt an unprecedented urgency. But the German people's will can not be ignored, the upcoming World Cup in Germany, outside the stadium's big winner is none other than the non-Adidas, the company expects revenue to their World Cup will bring more than expected, Adidas football to use his name, But this is not enough, R cheap jordans online eebok teamed up 3.1 billion euros, as a springboard, and then straight into the venture, to enter NBA. Germany local time on April 11, Adidas headquarters in Frankfurt announced that it has signed a $ 400 million agreement with the NBA, in the next 11 years, Adidas will become the NBA league official sponsor in the future NBA league arena, the audience not only can see Nike, Champion and other brands, you may also see Adidas Basketball supplies. Adidas To prove to the world: NBA, I can! scramble for resources will inevitably collide are committed to sports brand, is the industry leader, impact on competition for resources generated by the case of human, Adidas traditional strengths field football and track and field, soccer is the world's most attractive sports, its market value is inestimable, cheap jordans for sale mens as the industry leader Nike will not stand idly by, Nike football products sales reached about $ 1 billion, while the English Premier League club Manchester United, Arsenal have also signed a cooperation agreement with Nike. Although, in terms of team sponsor Adidas advantage, but not the same in terms of players, Nike under capital Genghen greater. In the global market, still we occupy the leading position of Nike, Adidas ahead of the competition in order, in their traditional areas of strength in the course doubly operate, hold their own stronghold, while outward expansion. In the basketball market, although early in the 30s of last century, Adidas has been in the global market sales of basketball shoes, but compared to Nike and Adidas but somewhat vulnerable. Ever since Nike signed Michael Jord cheap jordans for sale an, Nike stable position in the global commodity markets if Tarzan basketball, the most popular sports in the United States since the NBA favorite Nike as the host apparently ??????? have more advantages, particularly in July 2003, Nike to $ 305 million after the acquisition of a wholly-owned sports shoe manufacturer Converse company, what opened the distance between the competitors. Now Jordan is Get the lead out, never again allowed to Nike, Adidas basketball unmatched Happy Kingdom, 3.1 billion euros together also reasonable Reebok Reebok since 2001 has been to the NBA official clothing basketball and other supplies, Reebok, Adidas joining may help achieve a breakthrough in the Nike basketball field, at present, Reebok and Yao Ming, NBA star Iverson signed a contract, it can be a good start. di cheap foamposites stribution channels evenly divided In the above channels and terminal sales, Adidas and Nike can say different, par. Take in the Chinese market, Adidas and Nike have abandoned the high-end trend posture, lowered figure looks from the channel, increasing the strength of the media, sales network construction and terminal image promotion. Adidas since 2000, it has been the major cities in the country to promote the "street basketball activity", locking young people aged 18-25, each of a basketball game are very popular, so that the brand vibrant. Recently, the brand and continue to intensify efforts to promote the game extended to some of the major western cities, such as street Chengdu, Xi'an and other places can often see the Adidas brand presence. Nike did not back down, ordinary people are now CC Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping TV Nike advertising the public do not know, but the hero is not the same for each period, so the whole Chinese people, can become the spokesman for Nike, but the condition is not too harsh Nike civilian route no less "Super Girl," the popular night. according to the successful experience of the sporting goods industry, excellent brands and products must first obtain the best display of results in excellent products terminal stores, thus win market initiative and consumer confidence. However, who can have access to excellent stores or stores to get the best position, but also depending on the degree of influence and operation of the brand strength, to do the operation in specific modalities, basically in order to form the main chain of Monopoly games, in which aspect, Adidas and Nike is difficult to separate Zaichou Mao Yin to. strategic planning winner Adidas: capture cheese urgent Adidas indeed bite the bullet, do not do Big Brother for many years, and now the time is ripe, turned upside down You should also go to his head, and then, a brewing a long time to win the war finally imminent, had hair. Once upon a time, the world's first pair of skates, the first pair of shoes more clinch first Shuangjiao casting football spikes are from Adidas, especially Adidas spikes screwed type is a very revolutionary concept, people even thought it was Germany 1954 World Cup soccer team has achieved a lot. "Pyramid" type of promotion model, the first brand in visual contact with the athletes, sports teams, major competitions and sports-related activities together in 1980, Adidas' sales reached $ 1 billion. The main product categories of market share as high as 70%. Companies producing 150 different styles of sneakers, 24 plants in 17 countries daily output reaches 200,000 pairs. Adidas products sold in 150 countries. However, after the 1980s, Adidas jogging ignored the rise in the United States the world's largest sporting goods market in this, the number of pyramid bottom of that part of the surge of consumers to participate in running activities, Adidas miss the opportunity, seize the opportunity to make sports rookie Nike, ultimate success. we all know Kobe after the end of the contract with Adidas, a year (2002-2003) is the period of the vacuum of the shoes, this season we call for Kobe "random shoes" season. The big shoe brand Converse, AND1, Nike, Reebok were Kobe on the foot, but the most people are talking about is the Kobe in Jordans Air. When Bryant is wearing No. 8, Yao Ming has just entered the League not long, Ginobili is prime, Vlasis or "Francis", but there is one positive career last year, not the ConA is basketball God - Michael Jordan. In three games against with Jordan and Bryant without exception of wearing Air Jordans, respectively is home to match AJ8, AJ7 away color to the all star game aj3 "true blue", time flies, in the twinkling of an eye Bryant at the end of the season it will be officially retired. Finally, let us once again review that the green years. JORDAN AIR 3 PEJORDAN 11" AIR; CONCORD" JORDAN AIR 8 PEJORDAN AIR 7 PEJORDAN AIR 7 PEJORDAN 3" AIR; BLUE" ; TUREJordan 12" Air; Blue" ; FrenchJordan Air 8 Chrome; """Jordan 17+AirJordan 12" Air; Grey" ; FlintAir Jordan 6 Low